Rules Regulations

  1. All trainees must follow instructions given to them by their trade instructors.
  2. Trainees should follow dress code and carry their identity cards with them.
  3. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the campus.
  4. Every Trainees must maintain minimum 80% attendance throughout the year.
  5. All trainees should follow academic time table provided to them.
  6. Use of safety measures is compulsory while in workshops for practical work.
  7. All trainees must remain present in their allotted trade units all the time.
  8. Trainees to contact office employees in between 3 to 5 pm only.
  9. Original mark sheet and leaving certificate will not be returned before term end.
  10. Any hooliganism or misconduct shall not be tolerated and strict action will be taken.
  11. Applications for bonafide or any concession should be forwarded through group instructors.
  12. Hostel facility would be available for male trainees who are residing at places as per
  13. Admission to hostel shall be confirmed after depositing required fees in advance.
  14. Breakage if any shall be reimbursed from caution money deposit.
    Ragging or similar nuisance to any male or female trainee shall be liable to strict action.
  15. At the time of industrial visits or on job training or dual system of training, the trainee along with his parents must submit undertaking regarding self responsibility.
  16. The admission taken to DST batches will not be cancelled in between.
  17. The parents shall not be allowed to enter the campus without prior permission.
  18. Thursday will be holiday for uniform code and civil dress can be allowed on Thursday.
  19. All trainees should wear dignified clothing and any abrupt behaviour will not be allowed.